Our Projects

The big mission for ASL is to protect and conserve peatland by empowering communities through nature-based value added industry with proven business model. Our projects explore innovative ways of using accessible technologies and governance model. We strive to ensure that our process are simple and affordable enough so that communities are able to adopt it. In parallel, we uphold integrity our supply-chain through clear traceability and management system.

HEAL Fisheries : Cultivation

Our solutions is anchored on the needs to protect and preserves peat ecosystem in Siak and beyond to act as carbon sink and prevent peat fire. There has been little practice of cultivating snakehead fish in peatland media while our research have shown that healthy peat ecosystem also boost the quality of the snakehead fish and its albumin content. HEAL Fisheries explores innovative cultivation method in peat conservation and canal blockage area – which are designed originally only to prevent peat drainage.

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HEAL Fisheries : Production

On production side, ASL team draw inspiration from local tradition of steaming snakehead fish as post-surgery remedy. Using accessible technology, we extract protein substance  from snakehead fish in liquid form. While extracting albumin from snakehead fish is not a new practice, majority of existing process requires using complex chemical solvents and requires high-precision laboratory setting. With simple dehydrating equipment, liquid extract can be further processed into powder form for easier transportation to our buyers in the health & nutrition industry.  The team is also experimenting on standardised high-protein fish flours, bars and other derivative products. 

SKELAS : Center of Innovation

'Sentra Kreatif Lestari Siak' or Siak Center of Creativity & Sustainability (SKELAS) is a youth-led movements focusing on convening collective actions to implement Green Siak development vision. One of the main target is to support market and investment access for nature-based community industry of Siak. ASL supports the establishment and initial institutional development training for SKELAS team.  The team have also created partnership with local government and partners to better integrate their approach.  

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