About Us

Alam Siak Lestari is a community-owned enterprise in Siak, Indonesia. Our mission is to protect peat by establishing value-added industry for peat friendly commodities with a flexible structure able to accommodate community ownership. 

Who We Are


Peat is a global treasure with its function as carbon storage, water management, wildlife preservation as well as archaeological & cultural heritage. However, peat can be the greatest fire hazard when not kept wet.  Responding to this, the Government of Indonesia have taken stricter measure through policies on for peat protection.


More than half or 57% of the Siak District area is peatland, which covers an area of 479,485 ha. Of the total peat area, 21% of them are deep peat. This approximately represents nearly 100.000 community members living in villages within and surrounding peat ecosystem which deserves to thrive. 

While larger companies in Siak can adjust with the new rules, communities are struggling to find livelihoods options. Failure to do so might result to community draining the peat and cultivating commodities with mature market, including peat and acacia - which are not peat friendly.

Alam Siak Lestari consist of all Indonesian professionals with 20 years of combined experience & network led by Siak's own CEO, determines to to establish value-added industry for peat friendly commodities with a flexible structure able to accommodate community ownership.

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What We Do

Alam Siak Lestari develops value-added products based on peat friendly commodities on its own brand and  offers  action-based research support for partners


Village communities have options to benefit directly from the sales revenue, namely (i) annual dividend from ASL for entities registered as shareholder, (ii) sales of raw materials from their cultivation area and (iii) salary as employees of ASL research and/or production units. ASL is developing its own traceability system to maintain integrity of its supply-chain as well as impact management system to boost competitive advantages of its products, available to be sourced by businesses as well as direct to consumers.


Further, ASL also offers  action-based research support for any derivatives product development from peat-friendly commodities. Our support strive to use more accessible technology - all process must be simple and affordable enough so that community based business are able to adopt it in  practice. The R&D process to define ‘accessibility’ have and will always be done through co-creation directly with the community as means of education. Partners can benefit from both the results as well as learning from the co-creation process.